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Let’s start off on the right foot

"Think in the morning. Act in the noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep in the night.” 
—William Blake 

The skinny

As annual enrollment nears, it’s critical to boost employees’ benefits confidence. 

Gone but not forgotten. 

 This week at the age of 73, pop culture icon Olivia Newton-John passed away of breast cancer. She was best known for her Grammy-winning single “Physical” and her role in the 1978 film Grease  

Summer Ni—iiights. 

 The highest grossing film of the year, Grease follows the story of Sandy Olsson who enrolls at Rydell High only to find her summer fling is also a student. With football games and bonfire season just around the corner, this is a fun (but not so family friendly) back-to-school movie.  

School? Already? 

Time flies. The upcoming autumn means children trade swimsuits for sniffles. That, and annual enrollment is opening for HR teams across the country. And just as orientation is nerve-wracking for high schoolers, AE is overwhelming for employees.  

Copy. Paste.  

Most of your people will choose the same coverage options as the year before because frankly they’re too stressed over the whole ordeal. And 72% just want someone to tell them what the best option is.  

The buck doesn’t stop here. 

It seems nearly everything health care related is confusing to the average person. Most don’t compare providers and their respective costs before scheduling appoints… don’t have the vocabulary to navigate medical documents including bills… and a small fraction may not even check to see if their care is in-network. 

Yawn to yay! 

And like some students at Rydell high, many employees think learning about benefits is a total wet rag. When it’s not confusing, it sure is boring. Digital tools can help HR teams build interactive experiences, like benefits fairs, making health care jargon engaging and accessible.  

Treasure hunt. 

When employees have benefits knowledge and confidence, annual enrollment is like a shopping spree for programs that set everyone up for physical, mental, and financial stability.  

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. 

Choosing the right health plan and having the tools to easily get the right care puts money back in employees’ wallets. Which is good for people and productivity—financial stress is universally distracting. 


  Whether it be the economy, COVID, or cancer, employees are facing a variety of obstacles. An engaging annual enrollment experience sets them up with health know-how and a financial buffer to tackle whatever comes next. Knock on wood.  

Date with Data: Health care costs have increased 22% since 2016.  

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The skinny 

How rushed is too rushed? Morning routines set the tone for your life. 


Hello darkness, my old friend. 

The days are getting shorter, and we’ll lose over a half hour of sunlight by the end of August. Bad news for barbecues, but good news for bad habits. 

Sweet tooth.  

Summer is the season of indulgence. From beach getaways to ice cream cones, a lot of us are choosing “me” over morning routines. Call it “self-care,” but routines are good for us.  

Thank you, Sherlock.   

While this isn’t new information, you may be surprised to discover that according to the mathematicians, the perfect morning routine should take you at least 37 minutes. Each person’s is different, but the formula is the same: breakfast, exercise, and mentally stimulating activities.   

Wrong side of the bed.   

Whether due to poor sleep quality or an unfocused start to your day, a grumpy mood reportedly lingers until at least 11 a.m. For remote workers, morning routines are the antidote, infusing consistency and calm into the every day.  

So, what’s the secret ingredient?  

When coffee can’t cure a bad attitude and routines feel limiting, what can you do? Set your intentions  by focusing on what you want to achieve. Envisioning your “why” lights a fire underneath any structures you give yourself.    

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