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Marcy Klipfel | HR Game Changers

Chief Engagement Officer

"The more we can embrace an empathetic culture, the better off we will be both from an employee engagement perspective and living our promise."


At Businessolver, we are fond of saying “we see things differently.” As our employee engagement leader, Marcy embodies that pioneering perspective. Since joining in 2015, Marcy has “seen things differently” by revolutionizing the recruiting and hiring process, targeting and nurturing employees for skills, not positions. This unique approach has directly and positively affected Businessolver’s talent pool and bottom line. She has also focused on employee engagement initiatives, believing that empathy plays a major part in employee job satisfaction and productivity. She oversees the team that supports the entire employee lifecycle, including recruiting, training, compensation, benefits, succession planning, organizational design, compliance, and performance management, driving a culture of high performance and collaboration.