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This year has been a doozy in many ways for employers. 

aca-state-mandates-updatesThe ACA is no exception. With the Supreme Court most likely making a decision on the legality of the Affordable Care Act very soon, there may be more changes when it comes to reporting that employers will need to keep a pulse on. 

But wait, there's more...

COVID-19 has brought on new challenges for employers who were previously centralized in one location. Now, with many employees (and COBRA populations) scattered around the US, employers need to take note and develop a state mandate solution.

And don't forget, as we approach the end of (a very long) 2020, make sure to confirm your strategies for some important federal and state-based notice and reporting requirements. These include: 

  • Individual coverage HRA (ICHRA) participant notices: due 90 days before start of an ICHRA 
  • California FSA withdrawal deadline notice: per AB 1554 (Q4 2020) 
  • California individual mandate reporting: due Q1 2021 
  • New Jersey individual mandate reporting: due Q1 2021 
  • Washington, DC individual mandate reporting: due Q1 2021 
  • Rhode Island individual mandate reporting: due Q1 2021 

To get a full run-down on what to expect, watch our full discussion on ACA state mandates below. 

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