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Key takeaways for employers thinking about vaccine mandates

Vaccination mandates for organizations above 100 employees will be going into effect soon; and employers need to be prepared with a plan.

What was the recent Biden administration vaccination mandate?

Recently, the Biden administration announced that all federal employees and contractors who do business with the federal government, as well as for health care workers at Medicare and Medicaid facilities would need to be fully vaccinated or suffer the consequences.

Additionally, businesses with 100 or more employees would also need to ensure their workers are either vaccinated or tested weekly.

This might be old news by now, but many nitty gritty questions and complications remain when it comes to planning and implementing these new orders.

I sat down with Ben Conley, partner at Seyfarth Shaw, LLP and self-described benefits nerd in our season 3 premiere of Brews with Bruce last Friday. You can listen to our whole discussion below. We get into the weeds and help outline some important aspects employers need to keep in mind to have a successful roll out of their own policies and procedures. And, if you have a question about vaccination or mask mandates submit them here. We will answer all your questions in our next episode on Oct. 1.

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