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Like most people, I have a morning routine that consists of coffee and checking up on the news. time-is0money

One of the first topics I read up on is, you’ve guessed it, AI technology. Recently, I’ve noticed more and more articles discussing the future of the job market with increased anxiety surrounding how robots may be taking over our jobs. Is this actually true? According to some experts, AI will disrupt 1.8 million jobs by 2026. 

But what is digital job disruption? Job disruption is when technology alters a job role or takes over certain functions. This may trigger humans to pivot into new roles, and they may end up needing more job training. But don’t worry, this is not a bad thing.

The good news is, those same experts are predicting AI will add 2.3 million jobs, a net positive of half a million jobs! These new positions can include careers that service AI technology but can also be new positions created when artificial intelligence takes over lower-level tasks, such as fielding certain types of service center questions. Instead of turning away from AI technology, we need to move forward and use AI to our advantage to increase productivity, communication, and overall job satisfaction. Here are 3 ways AI can actually help you do your job better.


Do you have a few of those pesky tasks that are not just time-consuming but also repetitive? AI can start to take over those mundane tasks, freeing up a lot more of your time so you can focus on tackling bigger ticket items! Plus, some of the most successful leaders in the business spend time thinking -- with AI automation, you can free up some of your own time to reimagine a process and think about better solutions. Thinking about the big picture can help save time and money in the long term.

Better communication

The good news is, the more you use AI, the better it learns. For example, our digital benefits helper, Sofia, was able to increase her language understanding by tackling 20% of our chat volume during Annual Enrollment this past year. You can start using AI to help you in your own communication, like fielding simple questions about COBRA, or answering easy policy questions, leaving you free to tackle the more complex items and issues. AI can also help with retention rates. Analyzing employee data quickly and assessing who is unhappy, or who is due for a raise can help you communicate better, faster, and more effectively across the board for increased employee happiness.

Optimized workplace engagement

Can you believe that companies lose up to $600 billion in productivity due to lack of engagement and feelings of dissatisfaction? AI can actually help you work smarter, faster, and more efficiently, freeing up some more time for you! By cutting down on time-consuming tasks that bring you no joy, AI can take over and increase your overall feelings of satisfaction at work, while increasing productivity – helping you feel less burnt out and more engaged at your job.

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