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By now you’ve no doubt heard about Anthem’s data breach last Wednesday that compromised the personal information of 80 million customers and employees. The information included social security numbers, names, employment information, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, dates of birth and member ID’s.  According to the Identify Theft Resource Center, medical and healthcare breaches accounted for more than 42% of data breaches in 2014. If this stat makes you shiver, that’s good—because it should. Cyber security and data breaches are a real threat and events like these are a fierce reminder to treat them as such. 

In light of the recent event, we want to take a moment to reiterate our security practices and steps we are taking to help stop these types of events at Businessolver.

Businessolver is exceptionally sensitive to the data stored within our product and maintained by our employees.  We understand our responsibility to keep it confidential and treat it accordingly.  Anthem stored the social security numbers of their customers without encrypting them, and paid the price in the end. Not encrypting data is an enormous risk. For this reason, Businessolver encrypts all personally identifiable data in transit and more importantly encrypts it at rest with industry standard strong encryption algorithms.  Additionally, all information stored on Businessolver workstations, file servers, and backups is encrypted. 

All Businessolver employees are required to sign confidentiality agreements, have background checks performed and undergo annual HIPAA/Security Awareness training. Every change made to a member file is tracked to maintain accountability over all individuals with access to that information. 

If you take proactive and intentional steps to protect your data, you can reduce the risk of having a costly event such as the one with Anthem. We have put every effort into building a secure SaaS benefits administration platform.

Bottom line: We are fully committed to the security and integrity of your benefits information. 

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