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We see things differently. For too long, human resources professionals have been considered gatekeepers and hall monitors.

But we see you, HR.

We see human resources professionals that are protective of their people, focused on doing good within their organization and determined to champion a service-oriented culture.

We see your heart.

Together we can take back the story of the modern-day HR professional. We can shift the narrative to focus on people, service and heart. For all of the hiring managers who gave an underdog candidate a shot. For all of the benefits professionals that spent countless hours poring over the right solution to help employees simply enroll in benefits. For all the times you have stood for what’s right for your organization’s people. For the care with which you do your job. It’s time to take the story back.

We’re putting the heart back in HR for the annual HR Technology Conference and Exposition because we’re dedicated to providing technology with heart.

To learn more, stay tuned to stories from our blog and check out our hashtag #HRwithHeart on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Thank you for all that you do. It makes a difference.

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