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One thing that hasn’t slowed down this year is the need for health care access and the continual, quality access to benefits.


While our front-line health care workers have been diligently delivering compassionate, quality care…benefits teams have also been juggling a whole new world on the employment front.

To all of these COVID-heroes, Businessolver says a hearty “THANK YOU!” If nothing else good comes from this year, we hope that collectively American companies and health care providers have learned to be team players and innovate in the face of extraordinary disruption.

Businessolver has “innovation” built into our company DNA, so while the pandemic wasn’t on our radar, we were able to quickly adapt and pivot our technologies and communications tools to meet the needs of our HR audience and employee-members.

Two of our efforts were recently recognized by the Digital Health Awards, for 2020—the MyChoice® Mobile App and the “New Normal” blog series for COVID-related HR guidance.

The MyChoice Mobile App was awarded a gold in the Mobile Digital Health Resources: Mobile Application category. Businessolver has been able to contribute to meeting the needs of health care for members through engagement in our mobile app—which provides benefits enrollment and coverage details to employees—as well as an AI-powered virtual benefits assistant, Sofia. Starting in March, Sofia was “trained” to answer COVID-related questions and give up-to-the-minute information regarding testing and symptoms. Sofia was also able to consistently deliver an average 84% resolution rate to members and 76% call deflection rate via the mobile app alone (since March 2020), getting the answers members needed to manage their care quickly and efficiently. Finally, 11% of all employees in our system completed their benefits enrollment via mobile app this year. When many in the workforce were shifted to remote working, it’s a valuable option to have a benefits enrollment provider who can reach anyone with a smart phone/device.

Additionally, Businessolver won gold in the Digital Health Media / Publications: Blog Post Series for the “New Normal” – a series of articles and videos to help HR professionals navigate through COVID-related decisions. Businessolver experts were able to share their tips and trends about remote work, data security, physical and mental fitness, changing benefits needs, stress management and COBRA alternatives. We continue to update this site with relevant articles and information.

As the pandemic continues to change the face of health care, benefits delivery and the workforce, Businessolver will continue to stay on the leading edge of information and technology to delight our clients and members.

About the Digital Health Awards

The Health Information Resource CenterSM sponsors the semi-annual Digital Health Awards® --honoring the world’s best digital health resources. The competition featured 65 categories in the following entry classifications: Web-based Digital Health; Mobile Digital Health Resources; Personal Digital Health Devices / Wearables; Digital Health Media / Publications; Digital Health — Social Media; and Connected Digital Health.

Click here to read our news release about the awards.


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