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Christin Deacon

Director of Health Benefit Operations and Policy and Planning
New Jersey Division of Pensions and Benefits

"It’s called healthcare, not sick care… We have to change our mindset for how we look at employee health benefits, with an aim to keep people healthy. "


Christin has served in a variety of capacities both in government service and in the private sector throughout her career.  Prior to coming to the Department of Treasury, Division of Pensions and Benefits, Christin served as Assistant Counsel to former Governor Chris Christie, where she handled a portfolio consisting of Department of Banking and Insurance, the New Jersey Lottery, Division of Investments, and all other agencies within Treasury.  Prior to serving in the Governor’s Office, Christin was a Deputy Attorney General for the State where she was involved in high profile projects and litigation, including matters related to the State and School Employee Health Benefits Plans (SHBP/SEHBP).

In today’s healthcare landscape, it takes a tremendous amount of hard work to effect the transformation of healthcare. My goal is and always will be to improve the quality and value of the health care coverage our members and their loved ones have earned.”