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“For far too many Americans, seeking care means getting lost in the labyrinth of the health care system, usually at a time when they’re most vulnerable and uncertain,” said Jon Shanahan, Businessolver President and CEO.


Which is why we are partnering with Amino®, a leading health care guidance platform, to launch MyChoice® Find a Provider, a health care navigation tool to ensure individuals can find and book high-quality, cost-effective medical care. Powered by Amino’s Smart Match technology, MyChoice Find a Provider seamlessly integrates with Businessolver’s benefits technology platform Benefitsolver®, MyChoice Mobile App, and personal benefits assistant SofiaSM to help individuals make informed health care decisions based on their condition, medical plan, and geographic location/preference—at a point in time and place where they already interact with their benefits.

“With no insight into the cost or quality of their care, most people to jump at the first appointment they can get with the first provider they can find. That isn’t the type of decision-making that leads to good outcomes. We’re proud to partner with Amino to offer a solution that streamlines and simplifies the provider search process to connect employees with the right care, at the right time, at the right value—according to the factors that matter most to them—to lower costs and improve outcomes," added Shanahan. 

Ease and integration equals savings for all

Data from Harris Interactive show that when searching for care, Americans care most about whether a potential provider:

  • Accepts their insurance (72%).
  • Is convenient to their location (69%).
  • Makes it easy and fast to get an appointment (47%).

According to Amino, the MyChoice Find a Provider solution can drive a 5 to 9 times return on investment, including an average savings of $300 per appointment booked with a Smart Match provider. Those savings are not only felt but seen by employees, as MyChoice Find a Provider allows users to view their plan accumulator and cost calculator to understand how much they’ve spent toward their deductible and how much they could pay out of pocket for different services.

This hyper-personalized provider guidance is designed to optimize every dollar organizations and employees spend on health care, and reduce the friction of use since it exists in the same place they are managing their medical benefits.

For more information, check out the full press release here

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