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Let’s start off on the right foot  

"A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions." 
—Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.  

The skinny 

 Beyond paid time off, a fulfilling life prevents burnout.  

Want revenge?  

This is the summer of ‘revenge travel.’ Costs across the board are astronomical and COVID-19 safety mandates are still in effect in several places, so you’d think people would lay low. 

Couldn’t be more wrong. 

The last two years have been one long staycation and everyone is dying to get out of the house. Over 42% of people plan to travel more than they did last year. So book now, because there’ll be 35 million more people at campsites, national parks, beaches, and casinos. 

Hit the road, Jack. 

Four wheels, though, will hands down be the most popular mode of choice. Most people (a whopping 80%) will take a road trip this summer, traveling on average 250 – 500 miles from home.

Piña Coladas = Productivity?

 While it can be a logistical nightmare, encouraging employees to take time off has some serious perks. Data shows vacations can boost productivity as much as 80%, not to mention increased creativity and benefits to overall health.

Fool's gold.

 Not using PTO, though, takes its toll. Women who forgo their vacations are more likely to experience depression, and men more likely to have heart disease. Plus, those are real dollars employees are missing out on. 


You might be surprised how many companies are not satisfied simply protecting time off, going so far as to establish companywide shutdowns, set time-away minimums, or pay for employees’ personal travel expenses. Such endeavors are not only life-changing to your people, but their families as well. 

Put it on the plastic.

Vacation and travel are so important, people are willing to take out loans or accrue massive amounts of credit card debt to fill their lives with meaningful experiences. To see the wonders of the world or immerse yourself in another culture is a once in a lifetime experience. With a starting vacation bonus of $2,000, this company takes time off seriously

Date with data: Employees take just 13 days off when they have unlimited PTO. 

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The skinny  

  Career success is a balancing act of daily dedication and big picture thinking.   

Check point.

Now that we’re halfway through the year, many of us are reflecting on our personal and professional goals from January with one question, “Am I on track?”

Fingers crossed.

As humans, we notoriously underestimate how finicky goals can be. More often than not, results can’t be forced—only effort is under your control.

Get ahead.

One way to make the most of your current position is to commit to quality, fostering appreciation and curiosity for even the most tedious tasks. Demonstrating your willingness to learn and jumping on openings to upskill paves the way for further responsibilities and promotions.

Are we there yet?

Career goals typically take years or decades to accomplish. Rejection and failure are inevitable. Reframing these setbacks to gain valuable insight is key to persevering.

Take your blinders off.

It's easy to be envious of those type-A individuals who eat determination for breakfast. But staying too attached to a single career goal closes you off to unique and timely opportunities. Using both goal structures and a fluid mindset ultimately sets you up for a success you couldn’t have imagined.

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