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Let’s start off on the right foot

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”–James Baldwin

The skinny

Gen Z has grown up with an utterly different mindset, setting their demands high and prioritizing their well-being.

“Different mindset…”

It’s true. Whereas Millennials entered the job market during the Great Recession, Gen Z has come of age in a stable economy with many countries noting record-low unemployment rates.  

Yeah, they’re the lucky ones.

Well, they did have more time to discover what they actually wanted from their work. Millennials and Gen Z want similar things, it’s just that Millennials were more focused on finding any job versus the perfect fit.  

Why is it always about them?

Not to leave Gen X or Boomers out in the cold, but Gen Z and Millennials make up a large portion of today’s workforce and they are disrupting how we think about work.  

Here we go again.

I know, disruption has been the poster child of the last few years but understanding what skills/needs Gen Z brings to the table will be important for hiring and retaining them.  

Ok, so spill.

One thing you may not have thought about with Gen Z is the fact that they grew up with the internet, which means unlimited access to information and knowledge.

That’s not new news.

Well, it brings me to my point: when hiring Gen Z be sure you create transparent learning and career development plans. They like to learn, so make sure they have access to mentorships or other knowledgeable team members.  

Ok what else?

Take care to focus your corporate branding around real values. Expressing and acting on values like diversity, empathy, and innovation (which are very attractive to Gen Z) will truly pay off in the long run.

Sure, but we’re not TikTok-ing.

Don’t want to join the party? Gen Z gets a lot of their information from social media so if you do have a presence there, make sure your profiles also reflect and communicate your values. It’s likely Gen Z will peep your profiles, and hold them equal to your website.  

Anything else?

There always is. Prioritizing work-life balance is more important than ever to Gen Z (and everyone for that matter). COVID was bad for all of us, but the younger generations were hit hard. Refocusing on connection, flexibility, and mental health will be extremely helpful to attracting and retaining all generations.

Date with data: More than 42% of Gen Z employees consider work-life balance a priority compared to other job benefits.

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The skinny

Negative self-talk is something we all do, but this cynicism is straight-up bad for productivity, achieving goals, and overall mental health.

Inner gremlins.

Yup, we all have them. Those gremlins are the ones that bring up the worst thoughts, second-guessing, and overall nastiness to our lives.

Really sux.

For real. You may not know, a lot of negative self-talk comes from messages we’ve heard out in the world and have internalized.  


But there are a few ways you can turn those gremlins into purring kittens instead. Like, try talking to yourself the way you would talk to your best friend. When you notice yourself going to “the bad place” ask yourself, would I say this to someone I love?

Good point.

Another good practice is to monitor your negative self-talk; what is it about? Are there recurring themes? Once you create a log, try collecting evidence on whether those things are factual.

Evidence points to yes.

Doubt that! For example, if your negative self-talk says, “I never accomplish anything” – think about it first. Didn’t you get a promotion last year? Didn’t you cook dinner? Didn’t you go for a walk? #Littlewinsstillcount

Totes quotes: “Something that a lot of times happens with depression and anxiety is that we feel like people are paying way more attention to us than they actually are.” – Dr. Joy, Ph.D. and founder of Therapy for Black Girls.  

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