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Let’s start off on the right foot 

“Every person needs to take one day away. A day in which one consciously separates the past from the future."  –Maya Angelou  


The skinny
This Administrative Professionals’ Day, let’s level-up how we show appreciation. 


Pssst … it’s Wednesday. 
April 27 is the day to circle in red. Try as they might, robots haven’t quite mastered the unique combination of people skills and organizational acumen required of admin professionals. Needing to be both flexible and structured, assistants are critical to operations.  

Thanks a million!
The larger the company, the more likely admin pros are needed to keep everyone going in the same direction. With 90% of admin pros achieving some form of higher education and nearly a quarter expected to stay at their organization for a decade or longer, it’s absurd we don’t celebrate those who take care of so many day-to-day duties more often. 

Daisies or degrees?
Flowers are ‘so yesterday.’ Better than nothing and admittedly beautiful, bouquets are a traditionally gendered gift—and ultimately lackadaisical, wilting within a few days. Employers that really want to say thank you should consider more meaningful gestures, like investing in professional development opportunities. Or even a gift card to truly encourage rest and relaxation—whether it be a spa day or a summit day.   

Ain’t no mountain high. 
Some industries, like health care and education, are a long way from saying goodbye to receptionists, office managers, and executive assistants. However, other industries are more inclined to leverage today’s technologies and automate business needs. To address the decline in demand and take care of professionals who have spent years learning the ins and outs of their organization, leaders should cultivate strengths and create uniquely fulfilling career paths.  

Don’t be shy. 
Kind words and public recognition can’t be overlooked. Regular praise at team meetings or honoring project milestones and work anniversaries all help people feel appreciated year-round, ensuring annual celebrations are felt on a sincere level.  

Now you see me…
If administrative positions are expected to decrease in coming years, does that mean there are less admin responsibilities? Not necessarily. Invisible office housework tends to fall on female employees who are more likely to devote their time to non-promotable activities. Women are notoriously asked to take notes or organize—and should be encouraged to politely decline repeated requests to do so. 


Date with data: 75% say they or other women they’ve worked with have consistently been asked to perform administrative tasks over their male colleagues.  

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The skinny 
Submit your summer time-off requests and set a reminder to sign-off.  


Sunburn > burnout.
The days are getting longer, meaning summer is around the corner and now is the time to guilt-trip yourself into taking a real trip. Even a stay-cation is better than ignoring that growing bank of PTO. 

Seriously, go away. 
Burnout is quickly becoming an occupational hazard, especially as digital devices make it difficult to filter communications without disconnecting completely. The average employee gives up more than nine days of time off each year and may not be compensated for those hours.  

Please don’t make #WorkFromVacation a thing. 
Even when workers are OOO, half of them still check-in at least daily, either due to a sense of personal duty or real expectations to stay in touch. 

Off-grid or off-putting? 
People would rather lie—or truthfully go out of their way and go on vacations where they are nearly impossible to get ahold of. All this just to escape the obligation. 

You’ve got one life. So, how do you balance adventure and ambition without the cortisol spiking? Sometimes self-care is more about respecting the boundaries you set for yourself. Turn off the email notifications. Mute the group chat. Keep your phone on airplane mode. 

Then who’s the boss? 
Attention decision-makers: logging off gives colleagues a chance to rise to the occasion (or reveal growing pains to improve upon). Lead by example and take a break, pretty please.  

Double date: 52% of workers are feeling burned out, compared to 43% before COVID.  

For you: Time is money. Time off is priceless.   

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