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The Skinny

In a Barbie world. 

Posted on Saturday, May 6


Weekly Skinny

Let’s start off on the right foot

 Don’t ever think that just because you do things differently, you’re wrong.” ―Gail Tsukiyama 

The skinny 


Practicing gratitude is one small thing that adds up in creating belonging in the workplace.


I'm a Barbie girl.

Anna May Wong, known for changing the course of Asian representation in Hollywood, recently received her very own Barbie doll. To mark Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Mattel unveiled the doll with Wong’s trademark bangs and brows earlier this week. Another representation win: A new Barbie doll to advance down syndrome awareness and inclusion.

In a Barbie world.

From sports to boardrooms, many people of color, including Asian Americans, have experienced being “the only” person in the room who looks like them. Embracing other cultures and traditions means celebrating each person’s uniqueness and eschewing a “too this” or “not enough that” mentality.

To be continued...

Because of, not in spite of, 2023’s economic uncertainty, two-thirds (62%) of employees believe their employers need to up their efforts around DEI in the workplace. Diversity and inclusion are an ever-evolving, ongoing initiative and now is not the time to let off the pedal.

B is for Belonging.

Though DEIB is top priority for many HR teams, it takes time, reflection, and feedback for employers to find the strategies that truly resonate for their organization. The best DEIB policies turn into practice, making employees truly feel like they belong.

Fuzzy feelings.

When was the last time you felt that warm, light in your chest? Expressing gratitude is a double whammy, making both parties feel the love. Whether you write a thank you note or send a quick text, building gratitude into your routine helps ease stress and foster belonging at work.

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