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An extra $10k.

Posted on Sunday, May 8


Weekly Skinny

Let’s start off on the right foot  

“Being a mom has made me so tired. And so happy.”  
—Tina Fey 

The skinny  

This year let’s give mothers the gift of career longevity.  


Hasta mañana.   

If you order right now, a drone might be able to deliver a last-minute Mother’s Day gift before the dinner bell rings tomorrow. For better or for worse, our parents are a huge part of who we become as human beings. Mothers especially make sacrifices for the sake of their children—bodies, time, careers.  

How can we ever repay them?!  

Most mothers affirm that the sacrifices are worth it—that their children make them feel the deepest, purest love they’ve ever experienced. But they’re undeniably a complication, particularly for working parents. Women, who traditionally take the lead in parenting duties, are more likely to face career setbacks because of their children.   

The biggest obstacle? 

Hands down: Finding quality child care services at a price that doesn’t make you literally feel your aorta tighten. Homemakers across the board would either re-enter the workforce or take on more hours, if only they had reliable and affordable child care.  

Have an extra $10k? 

 Didn’t think so. Child care costs have risen over 40% in the last two years, rivaling housing as the top budgetary concern for parents. For many couples, having one parent stay home is the only economic option on the table. But studies show that even when employees can cover care costs, the most preferred child care arrangement is for both parents to split responsibilities.  

Excuse me, Father’s Day is in June. 

 There’s a point, promise. Among new fathers with access to family leave, 76% report returning to work in less than a week. Considering around a third of births are via C-section, this means a lot of moms are recovering from major surgery without a partner, while also tending to every need for their newborn.  

Babysitters’ club. 

When it comes to raising children, dedicated dads aren’t babysitters. Whether to give mom time to shower or sleep, having both parents home is a game-changer, especially in the first years when it’s next to impossible to get a full eight hours of shut eye. Long-term sleep deprivation doesn’t just make you perpetually grumpy, it can lead to serious chronic health conditions. 

The mothers to be. 

Truly supporting mothers in the workplace means finding ways to mitigate career setbacks while encouraging female professionals to have families on their own timeline. Discussing financial planning early and often sets working parents up for success. Plus, compensating employees for continuing education and professional development means they can stay sharp, loyal, and engaged.  

Note to self. 

For some employees tomorrow is a day to grieve the loss of a loved one or a painful reminder of their own journey to motherhood. Finally, remember the women who are happier as fun aunts or sage mentors, and keep those curious questions about kiddos to yourself.  

Date with data: Nearly 70% of mothers with children under the age of 18 participate in the workforce. 

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Just one more: The End of Mom Guilt: Why a mother’s ambition is good for her family 

The skinny 

 Reclaim your time and attention with a dose of meditation. 

Late for a very important date.   

Parent or not, life is stressful right now and not everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. We all want to do more with our allotted time, but truth be told, this pursuit is diminishing attention spans and productivity.  

But I’m not trying to be productive.  

Sure, those haptics keep you scrolling, but ask yourself if you really feel relaxed? If you said “yes,” you’re lying to yourself. Screen time is undeniably making us unsatisfied and anxious. 

Send tweet.  

 The good news is focus is just like a muscle. And with practice, you’ll find your mind slows and you’re able to focus for longer moments. Meditation is the antidote for chaotic schedules and racing brains, and you don’t need a special chair, mantra, or music.  

Anywhere, anytime. 

 No joke, even spending 20 seconds to take a few deep breaths and concentrate on those sensations can make a difference, especially if the practice spreads throughout your day and into your regular life. Don’t get caught up in doing it “right,” but rather, doing it at all.   

Spinning your wheels. 

Stress compounds with time, leaving some people on survival-mode long term, overwhelmed by small hiccups. Meditation helps you override a reactive mindset with a responsive one, better able to tackle problems and remain more calm overall.   

Double date: Meditation May Reduce the Chances of Hospitalization for Coronary Heart Disease by 87% 

For you: Star Wars and Headspace let you practice mindfulness in a galaxy far, far away. 

Lastly: Mindfulness Meditation to Soothe Squirming Souls 

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