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Whether an employer is managing data on premise or hosting data in the cloud, there is a lot of value in the data that is used to manage employee healthcare.

Typically cyber risk is addressed in a services agreement if an employer is outsourcing. Involve a risk management team in your due diligence process when selecting a partner, as not all potential partners approach cyber risk the same way.  A provider must earn cyber risk insurance through thorough underwriting, continuous audits, and process review. 

P.F. Chang’s learned the hard way that their liability insurance doesn’t cover their data breach (here’s the story).  Insurance is only half the equation, how is data being protected and preventing a breach from happening in the first place?




At Businessolver, we've built the most secure SaaS benefits administration platform available. We're obsessed with ensuring the security, compliance, and integrity or your benefits information systems and processes.

THE ONE THING: We worry about your security so you don't have to.

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