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Advent calendar-03.jpgOn Donner, on Blitzen, on Businessolver! We’re happy to bring you days 7 through 9 of the 12 Days of Benefits:

12 Days of Benefits 2016 Infographic

On the seventh day of benefits, the industry gave to me 7 billion volunteer hours. National data from the Corporation for National & Community Service shows Americans logged 7 billion hours volunteering in 2016! Allowing employees time off to volunteer is linked to higher employee satisfaction and retention, plus lower stress.

On the eighth day of benefits, the industry gave to me 8 investment options. According to FINRA, the average 401(k) plan offers eight to 12 options for investors to choose from. In this case, it’s definitely the more, the merrier!

On the ninth day of benefits, the industry gave to me 9 percent offering pet insurance. A Harris poll finds that American pet owners spend more than $15 billion on veterinary care. Yet, according to SHRM, only 9 percent of employers offer pet insurance. Helping take care of these furry family members is a key way to engage Millennials, especially since many in the younger half of the generation are still on their parents’ health insurance plans. They’re willing to spend part of their discretionary income to protect their pets – all you need to do is give them access to a plan to do it. It’s an easy addition to set your company apart in 2017!


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