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On March 30, I was privileged to host the Governor’s Celebration of Performance Excellence.

No, the event isn’t really called the Performance Excellence Emmys – but the honor was no less great. Sponsored by the Iowa Recognition for Performance Excellence (IRPE), the Governor’s Celebration annually welcomes organizations from across the state to toast business excellence and share best practices.

A highlight of the event each year is recognition for organizations that have met the standards outlined in the Baldrige Framework of Excellence, developed to help businesses achieve success in seven key areas: leadership, strategic planning, customer focus, workforce focus, operations focus, measurement/analysis, and knowledge management.

As Businessolver’s SVP of Quality and Improvement, being invited to emcee an event honoring the Baldrige Framework is like hosting the Emmys to me. Pursuing the Baldrige criteria is no easy task, and it was a genuine thrill to see professionals from all over Iowa joined together to celebrate the hard work that goes into improving business quality. 

For Businessolver, it was an especially exciting day. We were honored with Tier 3 Leadership Level distinction, which means that we have effectively progressed in meeting the standards in the Baldrige Framework. And Tom Pohl, our VP of IT Systems, led a keynote on cybersecurity – a new area of focus within the Baldrige Framework and a high priority for Businessolver. With corporate data breaches on the rise, it’s more important now than ever before for business leaders to come together and share ideas on how to improve data security.

All in all, it was an incredible event and it was an honor to host it. 

If your organization is interested in new ways to innovate and improve your quality process, consider the Baldrige Excellence Framework and stay tuned to our blog where I’ll continue to share about Businessolver’s own quality journey.


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