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With the March 31st 2016 deadline to file Forms 1094-C and 1095-C looming, there has been a lot of buzz around vendors working to get their official IRS transmitter approval in order to officially transmit data to the IRS for 6055/6056 reporting. While it may sound like a simple certification to receive, the path to becoming an IRS transmitter is a long and tedious path that involves several flaming hoops. Just how many, you ask?

It involves applying to "eservices" so you can apply for a Transmitter Control Code (TCC); applying for and receiving a Transmitter Control Code (TCC); applying for and receiving a security certificate from one of the IRS approved vendors; and ultimately applying through the Information Submission Service (ISS) to access the Automated Enrollment Application to enroll your application system.

According to the IRS, there currently is no way to pass the test on scenario 2.2 until they fix their bug within scenario B. We are happy to share, however, that we did pass all of the scenarios except for this bug early last week and are looking forward to announcing our approval of all scenarios.

An even more intriguing question is those that are touting that they have their 2015 transmittal approval when the 2015 publication hasn’t been released yet. While there was an additional “early look” of Publication 5164 released on 10/15, the status of the official publication and test scenarios at this moment in time are still “coming soon”.

So, how do you know if your vendor is actually approved?

If you vendor is officially approved, their TCC information will show that they have been switched from a “test” to “production” transmitter.

We look forward to sharing the official news of being approved for all scenarios shortly upon news that the IRS has fixed the B 2.2 scenario!

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