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Every bit matters. 

How do you kick-off (and pull off) a successful philanthropic campaign to raise as much money as you can for charity during a pandemic? Allison Jockel, Product Marketing Lead and this year's Leukemia and Lymphoma Society All Star Women of the Year did just that. Although, it wasn't easy. 

"I have been involved in this campaign for 10 years in one capacity or another and I can truly say – this has been the most difficult, exhausting and frustrating campaign I have ever been a part of. It has also been the most rewarding, without a doubt – because we battled, clawed and fought for every single thing we accomplished and showed grit and resiliency I have never seen from another campaign." Allie said of this year's campaign. 

Despite the unique challenges of 2020, Allie, along with the rest of the Charlotte candidates were able to raise, $2,380,842! Along the way, The Businessolver Foundation was able to provide support to help Allie and her team reach their goal. Since many large organizational pledges could no longer be made, creativity and imagination had to take over and every donation, no matter how small, truly made a difference. 

Allie and her team, the AML All Stars, were able to dedicate two grants, one to her uncle Tim, who is an Acute Myeloid Leukemia survivor and another to her good friend Sara Sevilla, who at age 30, lost her battle with AML during the campaign. 

Allie and our Foundation director, Carrie Clogg sat down to discuss how Allie got involved with the LLS and her journey to success, despite a global pandemic. Watch their discussion below. 


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