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2022 was a year full of changes, innovation, and creativity—all inspired by our clients. We’re counting down the last days of the year with a benefits ball drop to celebrate what we’ve accomplished together.



At Businessolver, Tech with Heart is at the center of all we do.  

Our innovation is built around five core tenets: Engage Year Round, Make it Easy, Address Adjacent Populations, Maximize the One Wallet, and Prepare for Tomorrow. So join us in counting down some of our favorite innovations, updates, and enhancements across those pillars in 2022. 

5. Making Benefits Easier 

It’s no secret that many people struggle to understand and leverage their benefits. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We’re constantly investing back into our product with feature enhancements and tools to ease the barrier to entry and administration—for employees and HR alike.

 This year, we made some quality-of-life improvements to Benefitsolver® to give our team, HR and employees a few extra “easy buttons” like:  

  • Clarifying dependent verification document requirements to reduce hassle and confusion. 
  • Adding an enhanced testing option to our communications framework, Action Manager, so our teams can make sure they’re sending out the right message at the right time in the right format. 
  • Moving Benefitsolver into the cloud to hasten our speed to service for clients (cheers to less wait time!) 

4. Leaning into Employee Benefit Engagement 

With low benefits literacy often comes low benefits engagement.

Engagement is also often one of HR’s most time-consuming tasks when they’re stuck doing it alone. We’ve baked a lot of engagement services, tools, and features right into Benefitsolver from the beginning, and we’re always working with our clients to make sure we’re accounting for more opportunities to do so.  

This year, we helped HR admins and members manage and access their benefits, here are two service examples: 

  • SofiaSM helps put the spotlight on important benefit to-dos, deadlines, and events with her new Promotions feature. 
  • We added even more Activation Paths that help clients drive engagement to critical total well-being solutions through our technology—ensuring they are putting benefits to use throughout the year and in moments that matter. 

3. Helping HR and Employees Maximize Benefits in One Wallet 

Another key contributor to low benefits literacy is how difficult it can be to manage all of your benefits across different platforms. Shifting to a one-wallet approach, or putting all of your benefits in one place, helps reduce some of the friction and frustration many employees experience when trying to access, manage, and view their benefits.  

This year, we’ve added some critical tools and support directly into the Benefitsolver platform to make it easier for employees to maximize and understand their benefits: 

  • We simplified access to the MyChoice Mobile App with a secure, unique QR-code. Same secure authentication and privacy, less steps to access your benefits via the mobile app. 
  • We added a claim status tracker so employees can monitor reimbursements and payments from their MyChoice Accounts, helping reduce confusion and stress about health care expenses.  
  • We also added a Medical Travel Reimbursement account type to our MyChoice Lifestyle Accounts suite to support employers with plan members who may need to seek care outside their place of residence. One more way we’re helping HR ease the stress of health care costs for employees. 

2. Addressing Populations of All Kinds 

No two people are alike, and neither are their wellbeing needs. As more employers expand the benefits and resources under their Total Rewards and health plan umbrellas to meet employees where they’re at, it’s important to help those employees take advantage of or enroll in the right benefits for their needs—moving from “just barely insured” or “over-insured” to “right-fit insured.” 

This includes the below enhancements to the Benefitsolver platform to ensure we’re helping our clients build out benefits equity through technology: 

  • Enhanced Sofia announcement capabilities to help HR teams highlight company news and announcements about benefits for employees.  
  • Created more dynamic pathing through our Service Center IVR to ensure we get employees to the information they need quickly and effectively. 

1. Working Closely with Our Clients 

Last but not least, as we put the finishing touches on 2022, we’re feeling especially thankful for our clients and partners. Working with you inspires our innovation, creativity, and tireless pursuit to make benefits better for everyone.   

Innovation drives everything we do at Businessolver. Check out our latest resources to see how we put Tech with Heart into action.  

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