We’re Ready for ACA Deadlines – Are You?

Posted by Angel Hower on Jan 13, 2017 3:27:48 PM

ACA deadlines aren’t getting any further away and it’s officially crunch time for HR pros. We’ve been hard at work testing with the IRS to get things ready for our clients and have been working closely with the IRS as a selected transmitter during their controlled production transmittal service launch.

Today, we received great news from the IRS—we have successfully transmitted files and received status back from the IRS in production. We’re glad to have successfully passed through this launch and are ready to transmit data for our clients following the IRS’s full production system release which is expected later next week.

As a reminder, though it’s known the Trump administration will look and act much differently than the Obama one, the deadlines as of now still remain intact. You still need to gather employee and dependent info (oh, those TINs!) and coverage data. You still need to have 1095s postmarked by March 2, 2017 (an extension beyond the original January 31, 2017 deadline). You still need to transmit that data to the IRS as scheduled with good-faith effort by March 31, 2017. And you may still get fined if you don’t.

Still have questions? We recently held a webinar - “Compliance Countdown: 5 ACA Tips So You Don’t Drop the Ball in 2017,” – that featured four expert speakers offering key strategies to help your clients hit ACA compliance deadlines with confidence. While our panel addressed as many audience questions as possible, they weren’t able to get to all of the nearly 100 questions that were submitted during the hour.

However, we went through the full list of questions, and are happy to offer a new solution sheet, “ACA Extinguished: Your Burning Compliance Questions Answered.” It reflects the common themes and major points of pain and confusion that were derived from the webinar, as well as other conversations we’ve had with HR and benefits professionals.

Contact us for help with any compliance needs you or your clients have!

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