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Vision Philadelphia: What's On Deck

Posted by Natalie McLinden on May 16, 2016 9:00:00 AM

We’re just hours away from bringing HR professionals and the Businessolver community together for our second Vision 20/16 Tour of the year in the heart of Philadelphia. We have a packed agenda, with sessions surrounding ACA, voluntary benefits, employee education and engagement, all presented by a stellar lineup of speakers. Here’s a sneak peek at what are sure to be a few of the show’s highlights:

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5 Lessons Learned at Vision 20/16 Las Vegas

Posted by Natalie McLinden on Apr 8, 2016 5:10:16 PM

This week we hosted Vision 20/16 in Las Vegas, the first stop on our three city tour. It was a fantastic experience marked by exciting conversation and valuable learnings. A great group of Businessolver clients, partners, vendors and HR professionals came together to share their insights and ideas on some of the most pressing topics facing the industry. Here are my five biggest takeaways from the conference:

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Vision Recap Day 1: The Power of Being Persuadable

Posted by Natalie McLinden on Apr 5, 2016 10:34:12 AM

Yesterday, Seth Godin, a best-selling author and Businessolver favorite, shared an interesting blog post entitled, “More powerful than you know.” The post serves as a great reflection of what took place during day one of Vision 20/16, which kicked off yesterday.  Seth’s blog reads:

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Vision Las Vegas: What's On Deck

Posted by Natalie McLinden on Apr 4, 2016 10:11:33 AM

Non-stop, always changing and full of excitement, Las Vegas is the perfect spot to launch this year's Vision 20/16 Tour and we’re just hours away from bringing HR professionals and the Businessolver community together to get things started. Our goal for this year’s tour is to surprise, delight and teach, so that attendees not only find the experience useful, but enjoyable too.

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Reinventing Meeting Culture

Posted by Natalie McLinden on Mar 16, 2016 3:04:04 PM

“We will continue having lots of meetings until we find out why no work is getting done.”

It’s easy to laugh at this joke because unfortunately, it resonates with many of us working professionals. We laugh because we’ve been there—a meeting that has unnecessary people. A meeting that took much longer than it needed to. A meeting where no decision was made. A meeting that could have easily been just a conversation instead.

It seems as if today’s meeting culture has gotten a little out of hand. Meetings have become a standard in today’s workforce. They’re our default answer to how we communicate, work on projects, make decisions and brainstorm. But many times, a meeting doesn’t have to be a meeting, and if it does, a little more intention and purpose can go a long way.

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