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Choice Alone is Not the Key to Consumerism

Posted by Erin Jontz on Jun 26, 2014 8:13:18 AM

Private exchanges are being hailed as the ultimate solution for consumerism. After all, a high number of plan choices translates into a greater likelihood that employees have access to a plan that is exactly right for them...right?

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Benefit Trend: Passive to Active Enrollment

Posted by Erin Jontz on Feb 24, 2014 8:15:05 AM

Businessolver believes that the future of benefits is engagement. In our opinion, passive enrollment is a thing of the past. Today, it's all about getting employees to engage in their benefits by encouraging active enrollment for many reasons:

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Relive That First Day Feeling Every Day

Posted by Erin Jontz on Jan 17, 2014 9:28:00 AM

Do you remember your first day on the job? You probably left the house feeling nervous, hopeful and happy. You'd been hired!

This was your chance to excel and make a difference. This was your chance to be and do your best. And you would. Every day. This time, you promised!

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Is personal accountability the key to slowing skyrocketing costs?

Posted by Kirsten Anderson on Oct 7, 2013 4:52:00 AM


WEST DES MOINES, IA –The implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) has left many Americans confused and searching for answers. Businessolver®, a leading benefits administration outsourcing partner for mid and large markets, believes we need to rethink the way benefits are communicated and managed, that employees can take a more active role in their health and wellness, and that technology can deliver what employees need to take personal accountability for their well-being and help make wise benefit decisions.

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